Terms & Conditions


Let us know which package you are interested in via email or phone stated in the “contact us” page. We will work on your order once we received initial payment of 50% from the product price. Another 50% is due once the product is ready for delivery.


Payment via deposit/online to MBB account which will be given to you once the order has been made.


Free delivery in AlorSetar only for order of RM120 and above. Additional charges will be added for delivery outside AlorSetar according to the millage.

Not to worry.. we deliver to nationwide!!


As the hamper is a hand made product, we will not guarantee that it will appears exactly the same as per photo included, but we will try our best to make sure the accuracy. We have the right to change the decoration or item in the hamper to a similar ones without prior notice. 


Deposit of 50% from the product price will not be returned. However, change of recipient address is allowed.


Published on July 13, 2009 at 9:25 am  Comments (3)  

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  1. akhirnye ada jugak kat a./setar …..
    kalau bleh kosnye kurangkan sikit….sbab mungkin ada yang teringin takpi tak mampu kot dengan harga tu…anyway tahniah….bleh perbagaikan lagi terutama untuk student yang nak beli untuk ibu bapa….

  2. Akhirnye ada gak kat A.Setar, lama dah dok teringin…kalau boleh ada kuit-kiut dan yang kurang sikit kosnye…sbab studentpun tentu nak beli untuk ibubapanye…..Anyway Tahniah……

    • Tq kak pah.. baru nak cuba2 tengok market di Kedah, insyallah idea kak pah dalam pertimbangan.

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